The Week Ahead


      To start off; Happy Mother's Day everyone! 

I know most people are trying to relax today so I won't be keeping you long. This coming week is going to be a busy one for me so I have been doing much work lately and I am sure you are aware of the changes on the website. 

  1. 05/15/2018 will be official book signing at the Montevallo Library. I can not express how excited I am for this. Brendilyn and I already have things set in motion to make sure we put on quite the effort for you. Please come out, get a book and enjoy the library. You can find more information for the event here on website. 
  2. 05/18/2018 Freebird's Official Audiobook will be released this Friday! That's right; Samuel and I have been hard at work prepping for this day. With a cover made by Pages Graphica and trailer(s) in the work; the launch is going to be awesome. Sadly though, I do not have any pricing information yet. I will make sure to let everyone when the day comes! 
  3. 05/13/2018 It seems Freebird 2: American Battlefield has found it's editor! After what has felt like forever of getting things prepared for it. I finally found someone to get the job done. David Seaman is set to edit the story and you can find his contact information on the website as well. 

That is all for the news!

Now go enjoy your mother's day!