It's finally here, we have made it out of the Winter 2018-2019 of what felt like the longest season of my life.

  So much as changed since I last updated everyone, I will start off though with some of the most recent news that is a bit personal.

 On May 10th, 2019. One of our dogs, Percy King was put down due to heart failure that was believed to be caused by Heartworms. 

 Percy was the son of Roxy King, who is now 13 years old and asleep by my side currently. Percy lived to be the age of 9 years old (human years, mind you) and weighed less than 100 pounds. He was a Lab mixed with Bullmastiff. 

 The night we put him down, we brought him into the vet because lately he had been acting strange, bloated and breathing heavily. Little did we know that when we walked into that vet.. we were not walking out with him. 

 That has really ruined my mood for the past 24 hours. I mean, I'm already sick of my eyes hurting from crying but to make matters worse, I do regret not spending time with him as much as I should. I guess you really never know what you have until it is gone as they would say. 

  He will be missed. A lot. 

Next bit of news; The team at Hail & Well Met and I have [finally] released the teaser for Danson. Yay! You can find it online, pretty much all platforms at this point. 

 I'm so excited for what the cast and crew have been doing in the shadows with me to bring this story to light. I probably will not stop thanking them as we work to finalize Season 1 and release it for the world!

Another thing. I want to give Marvel a shoutout for Avengers Endgame and not just for making one of the best movies of all time (I am sure the stats speak for it more then I do) but for also making a series of movies that have literally changed my life in more ways than one. 

   Like a lot of us, when Iron Man came out... I was barely 14 years old and I didn't know ANYTHING about comics. I knew Batman, and that was it. 

  Now here we are, 10 years later and I'm almost 25. I collect and read comics when I can and I have seen all the MCU movies and pretty much a big chunk of anything Marvel related that I can get my hands on.

 Marvel also gave some of the closest friends and me a huge reason to get together at least once or twice in life to see these movies together. 

 And then there is my Father who watched most of the cartoons growing up and was usually my go-to for Comic related questions besides an Uncle of mine or Google. 

  Finally, there is my lovely girlfriend; Brendilyn. She and I actually met at the Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 first showing. Our entire relationship has been centered around our passion for comics and comic related things, it's a wonderful life.

 Marvel is just awesome all around, the ending the Endgame is a pure love letter to fans all around and they have helped make of the greatest moments in life. 

 With that being said, Stan Lee will be missed!

And another thing I just want to let it be said that Freebird 2 is still much in the works and so is Unlucky Charm, Danson, and other works written by yours truly. 

Expect great things, soon

 - Vincent