November News!


Hello there everyone!

First of all, Happy-late-Halloween. 

I would like to apologize to anyone who has been waiting news. I have had a few set backs with getting a new day job, moving (again) and various personal things.. There is good news though!

  1. The Demon Hunter Audiobook is still coming. It's set date was the middle of October but Michael has been set back and is putting a full force to finish the book as we speak.
  2. Freebird; You will still get the sequel soon. I have promised you. Now, whether it is still coming this year, that is a matter of time. There are things coming, lots of things. Things I can't exactly talk about yet but when the moment comes. You will know. 

So, again. Sorry for the long silence and no news. I am now playing catch up to get these stories into your hands.

Until then! Don't forget if you haven't heard it yet. You can still listen to Freebird: The Service Audiobook for FREE. Just go to 

Until next time! 

Happy Holidays!

- Vincent