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Unlucky Charm 

 Musical Audiodrama

Unlucky Charm 

Unlucky Charm is an Audiodrama written by Elijah Gabriel and myself. It's a 10- Episode series that follows Sam and Aaron after they meet one fateful night. This story features several awesome talents in all categories. 

You can look for this show in Spring 2019

Hello everyone,

First of all. Unlucky Charm, yeah. It's a thing and it's coming soon! 

Unlucky Charm has been such a great first project for me in the Audio drama world. I have been a fan of them since early last year but, thanks to some new friends , I have been brought on to co/write my first one. We completed writing around Christmas time and it's now in it's final song writing stages. 

The show will be produced and released via .  It features several great voice talent, song writers, composers and over all an amazing staff. It has been such a great honor to be apart of this project and we can not wait for you all to hear it.  For more information, please follow @hailpodcast on Twitter or visit their website above. 

Besides that, I have recently written an episode for Hail&WellMet's  the SHORTS audio drama feed which you can at their website here: my own episode  Cold Moon  will be out later this year as well.  More information will be posted upon release.

Finally there is Danson.   Danson will be a 8 Episode Audio drama series that is due out late 2019/early 2020. I personally wrote the entire series, it has been such fun finally bringing this story to light. 

What originally started out as a novel idea I had for years, has recently been written the Audio drama medium.  The story follows five boys as they stay on the run from police, bounty hunters and fellow students after a tragic event occurred at their school one day.  With a bad-ass detective, five high school kids on the run and a crooked Sheriff, Creek County will turned upside down in a matter of days. 

More information will become available later this year.  The show is set to be produced and released by none other then Hail & Well Met. 

If you're curious on what is an Audio drama and want to hear some while you wait! I have listed several below to get your blood pumping. 

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And so much more! You usually find these on most media platforms. 

That is all on the news for early 2019! Stay tuned as more information develops. 

Also, my Twitter is back up and running so be sure follow me @kingsliterature