New Announcements!


It's finally cooled down here in Alabama but the heat of releases is just picking up here from me. 

Good morrow everyone, I am finally getting to write this and share with you some awesome news! 

I have two podcasts available now along with announcing another audio drama series. 

So let's get to the details! 

is an interview hosted by me and on the Gravity Undone network.  Each episode I interview creators, actors, real-life heroes and all-around amazing people to show the personal side of them and let listeners find ways to connect with them like never before. 

3 HU$KS is a character interview podcast on the Postal Roach network. Hosted by Persephone Rose, Carlos Ortega Jr, and myself with special guest hosts such as Jessie Keeton as his character "Wolf". Each episode we sit down various fictional characters from audio dramas, movies, video games, books and more! The adult comedy that comes out each episode is something you don't want to miss! 

Both 3 HU$KS and Personalized are officially released wherever you get your podcasts! 

Next is an announcement of another audio drama series titled: Hope Valley

What is Hope Valley? Well, Hope Valley is a series written by Becky Gan and myself featuring Elijah Gabriel who you might remember co/wrote Unlucky Charm with me. The three of us have created a series that will for sure be something to be proud of. 

Hope Valley is currently in the scriptwriting process, will have more information soon! 

With that being said, I welcome Fall with open arms and look forward to sharing some very interesting stories soon!