May Overlook


    Welcome back everyone! It's finally May! Though here in Alabama, it's for sure not May flowers.

With everything still coming to light in my world I do have some quick news to catch everyone up on!

1.) My first official "headline" book signing is only a couple weeks away! It will be held at the Montevallo Library or rather " Parnell Memorial Library". The staff there has been amazing to work with, I still remember back in September 2017 when they were the first library to accept a copy of The Demon Hunter after it's release!. The book signing will start at 6:30pm, please make your way out to the city and see it's wonderful sights, the library and even pick up a copy signed by yours truly!

2.) Also in the next couple of weeks Freebird will finally be released on Audiobook! I will have more information as soon as the narrator has completed the task.

That as is all at this time everyone! Please check back for more information as it unfolds!