It's August!


Welcome everyone!

A lot has happened since you last heard from me. I know! I know!Between my girlfriend and I going to NC for vacation, work stuff and then the Scifi Fantasy Festival for my third book signing. I have been very very busy but I am here to catch you up.

First of all; Freebird and Freebird: The Service finally has their audiobook releases! They have been doing well as well.

Our booth at the festival was awesome. I made some new friends, fans and made some new connections. 

Twitter! I am on Twitter now (@kingsliterature). Please give me a follow and even a shout out!

Now for the subject everyone is going to ask about!

    Freebird 2: American Battlefield

It's coming! I promise. It has seen it's first editor, Onur over at One Graphica has started to fast track it and now Freebird, Freebird: The Service and Freebird 2: American Battlefield are going through another stage of editing with a new friend that holds more secrets I can not reveal to you just yet ;)

Thank you for reading please follow me on social media and reach out with any questions.