Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone from my family to yours!

Hello Everyone!

Wow this year has been crazy up and down. Below I have listed new between good and bad. So please hang on tight. 

   I am sorry to report to everyone that Freebird 2 will not be hitting the shelves this year. 

   There is good news though! 

   The reason Freebird's sequel will be out yet and the one thing I have held back is because I am in works with a local publishing company who is claiming the series! That's right! I have alot of work to do on the entire series but we plan on having it out and ready by next year. 

Now, with Freebird covered. I have plenty of other little early surprises in store!  From working on a Children's book to writing an audiodrama. I have been rather busy and the train will not stop there. 

So please everyone, enjoy your holiday and get ready for 2019. 


I will be working hard on getting these materials out as soon as possible.