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Hello everyone!.

             First official Blog!

Welcome to my new website! Make yourself at home. Please take site of my news, events, books, and even contact page.

For those of you close to me or that follow me in my writing career, It has been a good past two months. With my first ever book signing at ALMFF along side Danielle M Raver who quickly taught me alot ever since we met, I have done quite alot. I owe her alot and of course everyone that has helped me to get where I am.

With that being said, I do have a alot of news for you!

  1. Freebird is being turned into an Audiobook! Due mid-May 2018 and being narrated by Samuel Deeter
  2. I am officially a vendor doing book signings at the 2018 Sci/Fi Fantasy Festival at the Hoover Public Library. You can find out more about that on my Events page.

  3. Freebird: The Service is NOW OUT. That is right, my third book and the second book in the Freebird series is published. Thanks to Danielle editing, Onur @ Pages Graphica doing cover and the team at It's completely free and you can download it on any reading device.

  4. The Sequel to The Demon Hunter is complete! The Arise will be out in 2019.

That is all everyone!

If you care to look into Danielle's books please view her page:

Onur Aksoy has been such a great friend since we met almost a year ago after The Demon Hunter was published. He is a great Graphic Designer and can be reached at