I have returned, for those wondering.. here we go.

So where does one begin when telling this? Brendilyn's Dad passing away? Our finance issues rising? The wedding being called off? Or the break-up?

I feel like I have been talking about everything for the past two months in detail but now finally deciding to...

It's finally cooled down here in Alabama but the heat of releases is just picking up here from me.

Good morrow everyone, I am finally getting to write this and share with you some awesome news!



It's finally here, we have made it out of the Winter 2018-2019 of what felt like the longest season of my life.

Unlucky Charm is an Audiodrama written by Elijah Gabriel and myself. It's a 10- Episode series that follows Sam and Aaron after they meet one fateful night. This story features several awesome talents in all categories.

It's August!


A lot has happened since you last heard from me. I know! I know!Between my girlfriend and I going to NC for vacation, work stuff and then the Scifi Fantasy Festival for my third book signing. I have been very very busy but I am here to catch you up.

May Overlook


Welcome back everyone! It's finally May! Though here in Alabama, it's for sure not May flowers.